7 questions to answer when designing phishing awareness programme

What is Phishing Awareness Programme ?

A phishing awareness training program is designed to educate employees about the dangers of phishing scams and how to avoid them. The program should include information on what phishing is, how it works, and how to spot and avoid phishing emails.

What should it consist of ?

  1. Assess the requirements and objectives of your organization for phishing awareness training. What are the training’s objectives? What do you intend to accomplish?
  1. Identify your target audience. Who will receive the instruction? What is the extent of their computer literacy and expertise?
  2. Choose a suitable delivery strategy for your instruction. Will classroom education, e-learning, or a combination of both be utilized?
  3. Develop the content of your phishing awareness training. Include information on how to identify phishing schemes, how to avoid being a victim, and what to do if a user falls victim to a phishing assault.
  4. Before distributing training content to your audience, you should test it. Conduct a test run with a small group of workers or volunteers to ensure the effectiveness of the item.
  5. Deliver your phishing education program. Provide sufficient time for questions and discussion.
  6. Assess the efficacy of your training program. After the course has been presented, gather participant feedback and make any necessary adjustments.

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