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Human Risk Management Platform
Human Risk Management Platform
Human Risk Management Platform

Build Human SHLD

Our user-friendly interface and intuitive dashboards make it easy for you to explore and analyze your data, regardless of your technical expertise.


Risk Watch
Keep an eye on how employees interact with the digital landscape. Our scoring system helps pinpoint risk-prone behaviors and teams.


Learning Loop
With our personalized, automated security training that's engaging and impactful, we habituate your employees to best cyber safety practices.


Cyber Champions
We lift every worker to become their own cyber defender, equipped with the knowledge and tools to spot, address, and report cyber risks.


Instant Shield
As risks emerge, our system springs into action, initiating swift, automated responses to mitigate risks and reinforce secure behaviors.

AI Powered intelligence and Correlation


Attacks Vectors



Resources on Reducing Human Risk

Resources on combating phishing threats, staying compliant, and more about emerging threats.

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Human Risk Management Platform