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Phishing Simulation Service | Attack & Awareness Platform

No Planning. No Campaigns.

With Phishgrid’s PhiSaaS (Phishing Simulation Service), you just need to share your employees information.  We do the rest.

At very high-level we use our tools and techniques to deliver true phishing attack.

No Planning. No Campaigns.

With our PhisaaS (Phishing Simulation as Service), you just need to share your employees information.  We do the rest.

Phishing Simulation Program.

Our phishing platform is completely free to use for everyone. You can launch your own phishing simulation training at no cost.

Unlimited Users, Learners and attacks

Unlimited Users, Learners and attacks

With our in-house team of experts we design and gather new attacks. While our AI engine continuously tests your employees against these attacks based on their job role, persona etc.

Free Phishing Simulation, Forever

We believe security is basic necessity hence we offer the basic attack platform for free for everyone forever irrespective of their organization size, nature and revenue.

Customize & Control Campaigns

Modify every aspect of attack, import your own template, create custom phishing simulation campaign, perform BEC, Driveby, vishing, smishing, ransomware or email phishing simulation.

User Friendly

Simple to use and can be deployed rapidly to assist firms teach their personnel to recognize and avoid phishing attempts


Highly effective in simulating real-world phishing attacks, making employees more aware of the types of threats they may encounter.


Enable firms to tailor the training to their own need.


Why Phishing Simulation by Phishgrid ?

We comply with the GDPR, ISO 27001, and other stringent data compliance standards. ​


Help organizations save money on potential losses from phishing attacks.

24/7 Support

 Ensure that organizations can always get help when needed.


Don’t take our word for it

Our support team is available around the clock to help you with any questions or issues you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a phishing simulation test?

Phishing simulation test is a method that companies use to send phishing emails to their employees in order to gauge their awareness, reactions, and train them for actual phishing attacks.

Why is phishing simulation important?

Phishing attack simulation helps employees recognize, report, and avoid threats that may compromise critical business or personal data. Organisations that deal with sensitive financial and user data must run phishing attack regularly on their employees to ensure security of their organizations from cyber attacks.

Are phishing simulations effective?

Think of Phishing attack simulations as a “fire safety drill”, that are required as well as effective. Phishing simulations must be performed continuously and in creative ways to increase awareness among employees on how to act during a severe cyber threat to the organisation.

What is the best phishing software?

There are plenty of phishing softwares in the market for various use cases. The best phishing software depends on your specific requirements, industry, size of organisation, and exposure to cyber threat.

Why use phishing simulation?

A phishing simulation helps evaluate the likelihood of each employee in an organisation falling for a phishing attack. On average, organisations that are exposed to high number of cybersecurity threats face 10 to 100 phishing attacks in a week. And one incident can lead to catastrophic impact. That’s why using phishing simulation is highly recommended as one of the cyber security measure.