Attack Templates.

The scenario templates enable the creation of phishing simulations directing users to a campaign page for form submissions or file downloads. These templates receive ongoing maintenance and updates, with new and improved versions promptly announced on the PhishGrid Dashboard.



Attack Templates
Attack Templates

Crafting Realistic Threat Environments

Fake Warranty Extension Scams

Scammers impersonate customer support agents, offering a free warranty extension and requesting personal information.

Utility Company Scams

Impersonating utility companies, scammers threaten service disconnection over unpaid bills and demand immediate payment.

Financial Institution Scams

Impersonating the victim’s financial institution, the attacker claims suspicious account activity and asks for sensitive details to resolve the issue.


This template simulates a fake email regarding an Amazon purchase confirmation.

eBay Account

This template simulates a message telling users that their accounts have been suspended.

Encrypted Mail

This template invites users to enter credentials to access an encrypted e-mail message.

IRS or Tax Scams

Scammers impersonate IRS agents, alleging tax issues, and demand immediate payment, threatening legal consequences.

Healthcare Scams

Fraudsters impersonate healthcare entities to offer fake services and collect personal and medical data.

Job Offer Scams

Scammers offer bogus job offers with enticing benefits, tricking victims into sharing personal information or paying upfront fees.

iTunes Account

In this template we notify users regarding unusual account activity. Users can submit their IDs to see the activity logs.

Credit Card

In this template scenario users receive a simulated ‘unauthorized credit card access’ warning that lures them to click.

Health Promotion

Health promotion from the HR Department. Offers users a free health consultation.


This template stimulates users that someone has accessed theirs email service.

Apple iCloud

This template simulates the iCloud tracking feature for lost/stolen devices.

Greeting Cards

The template has personalized greeting card that can only be viewed after login.


In this template users receive a message inviting them to edit their newly created personal page on LinkedIn.

Fraud Protection Alert

Users are asked to log in into their accounts to verify unusual login activities.

Invites From Friends

This hyperlink-based scenario simulates a friend’s invitation to ‘like’ a social media page.

LIC India OTP Fraud

Fraudsters may ask for OTP to verify if a person is alive or not and scam the victim.

Phony Prize or Lottery Winnings

Call recipients are told they’ve won prizes & must pay fees or share personal info.

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