Phishing Awareness Training

Stay Cyber-Savvy with Phishing Awareness Training.

Phishing awareness training is essential for educating employees about the dangers of phishing, a cyber threat involving deceptive emails and websites aiming to steal sensitive information. 

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No matter what type of phishing awareness training you choose, it’s important that you make sure your employees are getting the most out of it. You can do this by ensuring that the training is interactive and engaging, and that it covers the most up-to-date information on phishing threats.

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Phishing Awareness Training

Here's How PhishGrid Helps You Prevent Phishing Attacks.

PhishGrid’s phishing simulations and training programs offer meticulously crafted phishing scenarios and comprehensive reporting capabilities, empowering your workforce to enhance their vigilance and security awareness.

Email Threat Simulator

PhishGrid’s Email Threat Simulator (ETS) persistently assesses your email security, encompassing Office 365 and Google Workspace, with real-world attacks. It uncovers vulnerabilities and detects SEG-evading attacks, irrespective of perceived security strength.

Instant Phishing Training Feedback

Immediately communicate the repercussions of actions to employees and provide training tailored to their behavior. This prompt feedback fosters increased vigilance against phishing in the future.

MFA spoofing

In the event that an employee unintentionally discloses their MFA credentials, it can lead to significant challenges. We stands out as the unmatched provider of MFA simulations in the industry.

Vishing Simulation

Having a customer support phone number necessitates vishing simulation. We provide 200+ AI-powered, multilingual vishing simulations to train employees in identifying and responding to such threats.

Incident Responder

Typically, it takes 9 hours to detect and mitigate a malicious email, elevating the risk. PhishGrid’s automated phishing incident response tool swiftly identifies and addresses email attacks within minutes, neutralizing the threat across all inboxes.

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