Phishing Simulation Platform For Attack & Training

  • 500+ social engineering attack scenarios to choose from.
  • Industry updated phishing attacks that keep you aware of the threats and all-new threats at your disposal.
  • Real time visibility of campaign metrics
  • Customise everything and anything in awareness content & phishing campaigns
  • Reports with metrics, insights and analysis
  • Ability to create learner groups based on any criteria
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One Phishing Simulation Software, Multiple attack delivery channels

Launch social engineering attack across channels using our phishing simulation platform



Email is the most used form of communication in the corporate world. Using phishing attack simulator you can launch attacks from either your own domain (spear phishing) or from another domain.




Vishing is an malicious act to allow user to surrender confidential information over voice calls. It is a type of phishing attack




SMShing is a form of fraud that uses mobile phone text messages, to lure victims into calling back a fraudulent phone number, visiting fraudulent Websites or downloading malicious content via phone or Web.



10+ Delivery Channels​

Send phishing messages over various online messaging media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Slack, Skype and as required.


Cybersecurity Awareness Training, Start in 2 Steps

Comprehensive phishing simulation platform for evaluating, training, and testing enterprise-wide social engineering awareness.

Phishing Simulation Platform

Step 1

Import Targets

  • You may target any employee or employee group with a simulated spear phishing attack by simply adding their email addresses.
  • Once you’ve entered a recipient’s email address, you may categorize and classify them anyway you’d like: by department job title, or at random.
  • You have total control on who you phish, because we provide a phishing solution that is connected with our Information Security Awareness product – Awora, employees who are given a certain course can be instantly enrolled in a phishing campaign.
Phishing Simulation Platform

Step 2

Launch Campaigns

  • Our phishing simulator facilitates the creation of campaigns. 
  • Once targets (employees) have been imported and phishing templates have been selected, a phishing campaign is launched. 
  • Creating a new phishing campaign is quick and straightforward. 
  • You just give the campaign a name and description, set start and end dates, choose your email message and landing page templates, and select your target audience (s). 
  • Once implemented, campaign execution is automated and the results are immediately visible on the phishing dashboard.


Phishing Simulation Platform
Drag & Drop

Phishing Templates

Our tool includes a large library that includes hundreds of phishing emails and educational landing page templates.

Phishing Simulation Platform

Phishing Activity Report

You can measure all your anti-phishing activities with our online reporting engine.

Phishing Simulation Platform

Great Training

Our Phishing Simulator includes direct access to the best training on the market.


A phishing simulation tool is a piece of software that allows you to create and send mock phishing emails to test the susceptibility of your employees to phishing attacks. This can be a useful tool for raising awareness of phishing attacks and testing your organisation’s ability to detect and respond to them.

Phishing simulation companies help you run phishing simulation testes. They need to import targeted learners/employees, create a campaign, select learners, and choose attack templates as per the organisation. You will be immediately able to launch phishing simulation test with Phishgrid and generate useful reports to judge the cyber awareness and resiliency to attacks in your organisation.

There are many free phishing simulators available in the market. Phishgrid also offers phishing simulator online.

When phishing simulations are combined with risk management procedures and security awareness program, the data gathered from these tests proves that phishing simulation platform can help your employees identify, report, and act in case of a phishing attack.

Emails from a fictitious firm or website are sent out using a phishing simulation program. A link in the email may take the recipient to a website that seems just like the legitimate one, but is actually a scam. Phishing simulation tools measure the percentage of users that follow a link and submit sensitive information.

There are many of phishing softwares in the market for different use cases (phishing simulation office 365, knowbe4 phishing simulation, etc). The best phishing software depends on your specific requirements, industry, size of organisation, exposure to cyber threat, and phishing simulation pricing.

It is a phishing simulation platform created by the Fortinet Training Institute,. The Fortinet Security Awareness and Training service helps organisations build a cyber-aware employees base that avoids falling victim to phishing attacks.

Security awareness training is a process carried by phishing simulation platforms to prevent and mitigate human risk. These softwares are developed to help employees and stakeholders in an organisation understand their role in helping combat phishing attacks.

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