7 Reasons Why PhishGrid Beats PhishMe in the Fight Against Phishing

7 Reasons Why PhishGrid Beats PhishMe in the Fight Against Phishing

PhishGrid and PhishMe are both phishing simulation and training platforms that are used to help organizations protect against phishing attacks. Both platforms offer a range of tools and features to help businesses simulate phishing attacks and train employees on how to identify and avoid these scams.

One key difference between PhishGrid and PhishMe is the focus of their platforms. PhishGrid focuses on providing comprehensive phishing simulations and training, while PhishMe offers a broader range of tools and services that include threat intelligence and incident response capabilities.

Another difference is the pricing and pricing models of the two platforms. PhishGrid offers a subscription-based pricing model with different tiers of service depending on the needs of the organization. PhishMe, on the other hand, offers a customized pricing model that is tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each customer.

In terms of features and capabilities, both platforms offer similar tools and services for phishing simulations and training. This includes the ability to customize simulations, track employee responses, and provide detailed reporting and analysis. However, PhishGrid offers more advanced features for simulating complex phishing attacks, such as spear phishing and business email compromise. PhishMe, on the other hand, offers a broader range of tools and services that include threat intelligence and incident response capabilities.

Feature comparison between PhishGrid & PhishMe

Below is detailed comparison between both platform

Import from CSVYesYes
Import from LDAPYes
Vulnerability Score of a LearnerYesNo
Export LearnersYes
Group LearnersYes
Awareness Content + Template Creation
Clone by URLv1.5
Clone by forwarding EMailsv1.5
Conversational Emailsv2
Phish RateYesYes
Advance editorYes
Multiple templatesYes
Send InstantlyYes
Schedule for date/timeYesNo
Schedule for periodYes
Advance editorYes
Custom Email TemplatesYesYes
Attachment in EmailsYesYes
Emails without Phishing NoticeYesYes
Custom DomainsYes
Spear Phishing SupportYesYes
Malware SupportYesYes
Encrypt filesYes
Allow persistenceYes
Custom MessagesYes
CustomizableYes, every point
Reports by latest hitsYes
Responses by days/hoursPartiallyYes
Times-pent on trainingNoYes


Both PhishGrid and PhishMe are valuable tools for organizations seeking protection against phishing attacks. The choice between the two platforms depends on specific needs, requirements, and pricing models of each platform. PhishGrid excels in advanced threat intelligence, while PhishMe offers comprehensive training and education modules.

By understanding the pricing and pricing models of both platforms, organizations can make an informed decision that best suits their financial considerations and aligns with their overall goals and requirements.

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